Q & A

1) Do you have additional images of the items online at

    We have uploaded the available images on the website. We realize that it is frustrating that not all every dress colour are listed in the website. U              may contact us, and we will try ours best to send u an email to show u the selected colour.

2) I ordered two dresses at the same times, will they arrive on the same day?

    We will ship whichever dress that is available first, therefore there might be a possibility you would receive them individually. And the 2nd one will come     after.

3) Can I adjust or modify my order?

   Your order is final once it has been processed. If you’ve made a mistake or wish to make changes, do contact us at as soon as         possible to secure the items you want.

4) I’ve heard the horror stories. Is this dress authentic?

    De Cynthia Couture is an authorized retailer for all of the designers on our website.You can also find us listed as authorized retailers on the                     manufacturer’s sites for example at Jovani, Sherri Hill and Alyce Paris.

    All dresses are shipped in their original manufacturer packaging with authenticity tags attached. Beware of cheap imitation dresses available for much     lower costs- we source all our stock directly from manufacturer to guarantee a genuine product value for money.

5) What size should I order?

    Choosing the correct size is the second most important decision you will make on our site. Each designer and each dress have slightly difference           sizing options. Take a look at the size chart beneath each dress and make sure to measure yourself accurately. Buyer should allow within  1-2 inch       discrepancies for incase any alteration  still can be done to fit your body.

6) Pre – Order

   Not all dresses are available in every size right off the rack, some may need to pre – order just for you. In this case , we strongly encourage customers    to get measured properly and order the appropriate size as we cannot accept exchanges for pre-order once an order has been placed for a special          order dress, the order cannot be canceled. When your order is processed we will provide an approximate ship date.

7) Sales Tax

    All order are shipped out of Malaysia sales tax is applied accordingly your country. Ship within Malaysia is sales tax free

8) What is the dress I want is not listed in website?

     We update our website and inventory daily. However , if you come across a dress designed by one of the designer not listed in our catalog, we will be      happy to order the dress for you.

     Please contact us at

9) Why I cant check the pricing list.

      U need to register your self only then u able to see the pricing and add to chart.

10) Why I cant add to chart for JOvani Dress.

      Im so sorry Jovani dress are only available for sales in ours store. If u wish to purchase Jovani dress please contact info@decynthia .com we will be         happy to sort it out for u.

11) Why should you buy from us?

      Firstly and very importantly, we are the authorised official retailer for all the designers, therefore, all of our products are original designed and made.         Not a copy. We do not condone to imitations.

      Secondly, Shipping is free and any return or exchanged in original or good condition is allowed. No questions asked.

      In addition for fellow clients in Malaysia, there's extra bonus, as there is no custom fees & shipping fees from USA to Kuala Lumpur.

      Lastly, Our retail prices are same as the USA retailers.

12)  If I were to purchased online, can I get the dress from the retail boutiques?

      For any online purchase, the dress will be delivered to your door step. Therefore you do not need to come to retail boutiques to get them.

13) . Do you provide alteration?
       Yes we do! We want out clients to look at their best in these amazing dresses, therefore we are more than willing to provide alteration. An small fee        of RM 100-300 will be required, depending on the amount of alteration needed to fit perfectly. Only for Malaysia Client